Changing aspect of Refractive eye surgery

Refractive eye surgeries are mainly done to remove refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism to improve eye vision. It is mainly done by reshaping the irregular cornea to fix the refractive errors. Refractive surgeries have undergone extensive advancements from rudimentary science to innovative ophthalmology. Most of the aging population has resulted in refractive errors. It is being estimated in continents like U.S. and Europe that the refractive ailments have affected more than 40% of the population. The most effective and commonly used procedure for curing these ailments is LASIK. Global ailment among all refractive errors found all over the world is myopia. Introduction to outpatient procedures like laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis and advancements in refractive surgical techniques has set new trends in eye surgery techniques 
  • Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis
  • Small Incision Lenticule Extraction
  • Bioptics Technology
  • Transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy

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